Main activities of the enterprise in spheres of power generation and mainline natural gas transportation:
  • design, development, production of automated control systems for industrial power plants and gas pumping units;
  • introduction of automated control systems for industrial power plants and gas pumping units;
  • installation, supervised installation and commissioning;
  • service and repairs.
       The enterprise also develops dual-fuel system (gas and diesel fuel) for ship power plants. The present developments in creation of ACS in maritime version permit to improve units for driving electric generators and gas compressors for maritime and seaside objects (floating power plants, sea drilling platforms, seaside factories).
       Range of components by JSC «STAR», supplied according to topic «Energetic and industrial programs» includes:
  • gas regulators DG-30G, DG-90GP, DG-009-VI, DGE-2,5;
  • command units KA-30;
  • slave valve units AIK-16, AIK-25;
  • drive bodies for units 820606390, 820606510;
  • oil units: extraction, booster and injection pumps, air separators, centrifugal breathers;
  • dispenser pumps ND-30, ND-049;
  • automatic fuel dispensers ART-30, ART-049;
  • automatic air suppliers APV-30;
  • lock valves KZ-30, KZ-049;
  • pressure relief valves KS-049;
  • stop valves KS-90GP;
  • stop ventilation valves KSV-90VM;
  • fuel filters FT-30;
  • liquid fuel system unit modules BAZhTS;
  • gas fuel system unit modules BAGTS;
  • engine control electronic modules BUD-96, BUD-98, BUD-94, BUD-6RM, BUD-MV;
  • engine protection electronic modules BZD-96, BZD-MV;
  • electronic control modules for GTPP and GTU – BUS-98, BUG-6RM, BUKD-01S, BUSO-MV, BK-MB;
  • modules of spark-protecting separation barriers IZRB, BIZRB-MV;
  • modeules for control of step motors for gas dispenser BUSh-96, BUSh-MV;
  • low-voltage complete device cabinets NKU-MV;
  • control panels PU-98, PRU-98, TPU-MV;
  • engineering consoles PI-96;
  • process panels PT-SAU.
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