Foundation of the enterprise
       History of JSC «STAR» could not be separated from history of JSC «PAO «Inkar», which are connected not only by the place – common production territory, but also by time – decades of joint cooperation and fruitful partnership. They are united by common destiny. «Inkar» was the first to appear. It was purported as a backup in the Urals for Moscow carburetor plant № 33. The governmental regulation on its construction reads: «... For purposes of providing the developing aviation with carburetors and placement of industry in regions of Urals and Siberia to construct ... backup plant №33-bis in the city of Perm».
       The plant was founded in 1938. Outside the city, in light forest, not far from Zharino village, adjacent to railway Perm – Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk at that time), in 1939 a lone plant building with two-storey extension was built. In 1940 second building appeared. First shops were started, which were busy with launching production of AK-62 carburetor.
       By the end of 1940 backup plant has produced first hundreds of carburetors. The neighboring plant named after Stalin (at present - «Perm Motors» holding) installed these carburetors to M-62 engine for I-16 fighter. Before beginning of the Great Patriotic War our plant has mastered production of K-105BP carburetors for engines of high-speed fighters YAK-7b and PE-3, and dive bomber PE-2, which has become main front bomber during the war.
       The war and related evacuation of people and material values to the East forced to unite Moscow plant № 33 with its Uralian backup plant. In October 1941 territory of young enterprise in Perm accommodates carburetor plant arriving from Moscow, and in its composition – Experimental Design Office (OKB) of chief designer F. A. Korotkov. By order of the People’s Commissar of October 28, 1941, the evacuated plant was organizationally joined with the Perm plant. Director of the united plant (which has received number 33) was appointed A. G. Soldatov.
       Experimental Design Office headed by F. A. Korotkov, has worked in Perm for almost two years. Together with plant № 33 its personnel worked on refinement and provision of serial supply of carburetors for aircraft engines. In 1943, after radical turn in the course of the war, the evacuated enterprises started to return to their original places. So, F. A. Korotkov Experimental Design Office also returned to Moscow.
       But plant № 33 stayed in Perm, and for ever now. To reorganize it again by dividing into two enterprises – in Perm and Moscow – was unpractical: at that time the plant was the sole supplier of aircraft carburetors in the country, and any, even slightest, failure in its operation could badly influence condition of the air force in the front. At the same time refinement of the products directly at the place of production – in Perm – required engineering and technical support. That is why in June 1943 at plant № 33, instead of the Experimental Design Office, which went to Moscow, its branch office was created.
  • July 1940. Production of first carburetor АK-62.
  • June 1943. By order № 336 of People’s Commissar on aviation industry, a branch office of Moscow Experimental Design Office № 315 was founded at Perm carburetor plant № 33, which dealt with refinement and improvement of serial carburetors for aircraft engines.
  • 1941-1945. The only plant for production of aircraft accessories in the country. 1 mln. 107 thousand carburetors produced.
  • 1945. For remarkable achievements in labor and production of strategic production the plant was awarded order of Labor Red Banner.
  • 1954. Production of fuel supply and regulating units for first jet engine.
  • February 26, 1957. By order № 66 of Minister of aviation industry branch office of Moscow Experimental Design Office 315 was transformed into independent Experimental Design Office № 33 (April 1, 1957 – Perm Aggregate Design Office – PAKB).
  • 1957-1960. Beginning of production of automatics for «Proton» rockets. Development of regulating systems for first domestic bypass engine D-20P for TU-124 airplane.
  • 1971-1974. Control systems for engines D-30KU, D-30KP developed, and serial production of fuel supply and regulating systems for IL-62M, TU-154M, IL-76 airplanes started. Electronic design department KO-2 was created.
  • 1981. Serial production of famous electric saw «Parma».
  • 1985. Commissioned electronics laboratory-production building.
  • 1987-1988. Electronic and hydromechanical system for control of PS-90A engine for IL-96-300, TU-204, TU-214, IL-76MF airplanes passed to serial production. For the first time in domestic practice digital electronic governor «full authority» (FADEC) RED-90 was created. 
  • 1992. Production of system «90» for PS-90 engine for IL-96, TU-204 airplanes. 
  • 1993. ACS for GTU-2,5 created by order of Gazprom, and its serial production for mobile power plants PAES-2500М and packaged power stations with capacity 4 MWt started. 80 ACS is in operation at objects of «Tyumentransgaz».
  • 1995. Refinement and production of hydraulic lash adjusters for Zavolzhsky motor plant of «AutoVAZ».
  • 1998. Electronic and hydromechanical system for control of propeller-engine power plant for passenger airplane AN-140 with universal digital governor RED-2000, combining functions of controlling aircraft propeller and engine, measuring their parameters, and diagnostics of aircraft propeller and engine conditions was created.
  • 2000. Production of millionth electric saw «Parma».
  • 2006. Experimental production of new ACS for PS-90A2 engine for passenger airplanes started. System regulator RED-90A2M created, combining functions of regulation, control and diagnostics of the engine. Recertification of QCS to compliance with requirements of ISO-9001 (GOST R ISO 9001). 
  • 2007. Production of flow regulators М472-800, М474-300 for engines RD-276, RD-275 for object 14D14М of carrier rocket «Proton-M». Production of first oil system units for engines by NPO «Saturn».
  • 2009-2010. Activities on creation of ACS and fuel supply system for advanced engine PD-14 for short- and medium haul passenger airplane MS-21. Gas boiler facility put to operation, supplying the enterprise with own heating, which improved labor conditions and reduced enterprise power inputs by 2.5 times.
  • 2009. Experimental production awarded Diploma of winner of All-Russian contest «1000 best Russian enterprises and organizations – 2009». 
  • 2010. Serial production of units and oil system drive bodies for Rybinsk engines. Double-fuel local control system (LCS) for maritime GTE developed.
  • April 1, 2011. Integrated enterprise JSC «STAR» created.
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