Marine GTE ACS

    Design department of GTE ACS for surface applications researches and develops local control system (LSU – LCS) for marine GTE.
    Marine GTE are base for power plants / units of wide range of boats, ships and commercial vessels, and also are used as electric power generator drives and gas compressors at marine and coastal objects.
    LSU performs the following functions:
  • readiness inspection, automatic start provision, control of operation modes, limiting GTE terminal parameters,
  • free turbine frequency maintenance to maintain necessary power of turbine power generator or volume of pumped gas;
  • GTE operation statistics, informing the operator of GTE operation with mode setting;
  • provision for GTE operation on gas and liquid fuels;
  • provision for change-over from one fuel to another without stopping GTE.
LSU includes:
  • electronic part of local control system for marine gas turbine engine – Ech LSU (with control panel TPU-MV);
  • block of units of engine gas fueling system – BAGTS;
  • block of units of engine liquid fueling system – BAZhTS.
LSU is explosion-proof according to requirements of Russian Maritime Shipping Registry.
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