At present our enterprise develops automated control systems for modern engine for MS-21 long-haul aircraft. The ACS being developed is a FADEC electronic control without hydromechanical reserve. Main control functions are performed by RED-14 electronic control, made as monoblock unit, mounted on the PD-14 fan case, containing 4 control modules to provide for given dependability parameter – at least 1,5 ×106 working hours to engine shut-off in flight due to ACS fault.
    PD-14 engine control system provides for fuelling and complex all-mode engine control, limiting extreme parameters, timely engine diagnostics and protection, data interchange between aircraft and engine systems.
    SAU-14 (ACS) includes:
  • RED-14 – electronic engine control;
  • BN-14 – pumping unit;
  • DT-14 – fuel metering unit, which doses fuel to the engine and controls compressor servo devices and heat exchangers according to RED-14 signals.


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