Responsibility for the environment

       Activities of JSC «STAR» in environmental aspect are aimed to minimize technogenic impact on the environment and to enhance health and safety of our personnel while manufacturing and developing our products. The enterprise annually allocated over 2 mln. rubles for measures aimed to reduce level of harmful environmental effects. In its activities the enterprise is guided by the following principles:
  • Correspondence to the applicable requirements of Russian environmental legislation;
  • Reduction of pollution of atmospheric air and water bodies by introduction and perfection of equipment for treatment of discharged gases and water;
  • Maximal recycling of production and consumption wastes;
  • Provision for gradual decrease of environmental impact by saving resources used;
  • Observance of technological discipline and provision for reliable and trouble-free operation of technological equipment;
  • Systematic personnel training, incentives for those who contribute to reduction of negative environmental impact;
  • Availability and transparency of information on activities on protection of the environment and its results.
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