JSC"STAR" welcomes offers for services in non-ferrous and steel casting, galvanic treatment and press forming. Extensive experience in production of high-tech aviation products provides for best quality of most complex products.

  • die casting from AK12 and TzAM4-1 alloys;
  • complicated configuration rods from various blends;
  • cats iron crucibles for holding and melting furnaces, laps, blanks from grey cast iron and aluminum alloys;
  • aluminum alloy castings from, weight 0,1 – 25 kg;
  • steel and alloy investment castings, weight 0,05 – 2,0 kg, sizes up to 200 mm;
  • copper alloy investment and water-cooled gravity die casting castings, weight 0,05 – 45 kg;
  • nitrocarburizing in gas media with oil quenching.
  • cold sheet press forming:
Steel (all grades)
0,1-2,8 mm
Non-ferrous metals and alloys
0,1-2,8 mm
Rubberized asbestos
up to 1 mm
Cardboard and fiber
up to 2 mm
Glass-cloth laminate
up to 2 mm
Felt and leather
up to 6 mm
  • welding and soldering:
    • bending and soldering flanges and nipples by gas burners with high-temperature soldering alloys VPr-1 and VPr-4;
    • oven soldering in argon media with soldering alloy PSr-21,5;
    • soldering with low-temperature soldering alloys PSr-2,5, POS-40, POS-60;
    • welding in argon media by fusible and non-fusible electrode;
    • seam and point contact welding;
    • welding structural, corrosion-proof and heat-resistant steels, thickness 0,4 – 7 mm;
    • roll seam welding.
  • hot stamping:
    • stamping made from cylindrical blanks O 15 – 120 mm.
    • materials applied: carbon, alloyed, structural, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant steels, titanium, copper alloys, aluminum wrought alloys.
    • operations performed: stamping, extruding, flattening, chasing, broaching, cutting, smith forging of small pieces on electric hammer, etching, thermal treatment.
        Galvanic and thermal production:
  • gas carburizing and nitrocarburizing;
  • nitriding;
  • thermal treatment of blanks;
  • etching and blowing;
  • salt bath thermal treatment;
  • vacuum oven thermal treatment;
  • cold treatment;
  • soldering and high frequency current treatment.
        Galvanic coatings:
  • zinc plating;
  • cadmium plating;
  • copper plating;
  • chemical oxidizing;
  • chromate tinning;
  • chrome plating;
  • hard anodizing;
  • electropolishing;
  • copper alloy chemical passivation;
  • non-corrosion steel test;
  • indium plating;
  • silver plating;
  • chemical nickel plating;
  • anode oxidizing in sulphur acid;
  • chemical oxide phosphatizing;
  • aluminum alloy chemical oxidizing;
  • lacquer and paint;
  • chemical passivation.
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